Claire Stamper B.A. (Hons) First Class - Freelance Illustrator

Manchester (UK) based illustrator. I do a lot of character and animal based images. Despite that, I enjoy creating images of just about anything.

If you would like to contact, or hire me for a commission or personalised illustration, then please follow the 'Contact' link above.

  • Fave Characters - Been working on this over a few days. Try and guess them for realsies, no cheating lol.

    Moss (IT Crowd),
    Chroniko (Kaiba),
    Sherlock (BBC Series),
    Fenris (Dragon Age II),
    Chloe Noonan (Marc Ellerby),
    Tina (Bob’s Burger),
    Mordecai (Regular Show),
    BMO (Adventure Time),
    Dr Horrible (’s Sing Along Blog),
    Marceline (Adventure Time)